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How to Choose the Best Treadmill

On the market today, you can find all kinds of treadmills with a large variety of features that are sure to make you feel like you are swimming in an ocean of indecision without a life preserver. The best way to choose the treadmill that will be best for you is to learn what you need at in order to have a long lasting treadmill that will last longer with all the features you desire.

Belt and Underneath Surface is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a treadmill. All treadmills build up friction in between the belt and the surface underneath known as the bed. In most cases, the friction is what leads to major problems. For a treadmill that will have less problems you should look at ones with a low coefficient of drag between the underneath surface and belt. The belt should be a 4-ply that uses a high density polyester weave underneath that will give lower friction and will wear less.

You should also compare the motor. When reading the motor rating you need to look at the way in which they rate. Many manufacturers often rate the peak hp. The peak hp, is the rate in which the treadmill will fail. If you look at ratings that are rated in continuous duty horsepower then you will have a better understanding of what the treadmill can do. Of course, you will hear that you will never use all the hp that any of the treadmills may offer and is more than likely true, however, the larger motors often last longer and run cooler than smaller motors as well as running smoother.

Stability is something you should consider if you want to be comfortable while ensuring the life of your treadmill. Not all treadmills can accommodate larger individuals comfortably whether that be height or weight.

The shock absorption of a treadmill has nothing whatsoever to do with the treadmill itself, but for your own comfort and protection. Running on a hard surface, such as a sidewalk or pavement can do damage to your joints. The same goes for the harder belts of many of the treadmills. A floating deck or other built in shock absorption items are the best way to protect your joints while working out on a treadmill.

You may not be able to tell if a treadmill will last a long time just checking out all the above. You can look at the rollers, the belt, the underneath, and more but you still may not get a clear picture of the longevity of the treadmill. One way to ensure you will find the best treadmill is by reading expert reviews or by talking with a professional that is knowledgeable about the various treadmills on the market today. Visit here best treadmill under 1000 

What Is The Best Treadmill To Buy?

Using a treadmill has great health benefits. But, with so many on the market it's hard to know what the best treadmill to buy is. The secret finding the best one is to ask your self some questions and to give back some honest answers.

First, decide on how much you want to spend and stick to it. Of course, you should spend as much as you can afford, but don't be persuaded to buy a treadmill outside of your price bracket. Besides, buying one in a higher price bracket may not get you the model that is right for you; a cheaper machine may be more suitable for your fitness requirements.

Secondly, be completely honest and ask yourself how often you will use your new treadmill. Are you a recreational user who occasionally does exercise? Perhaps you run everyday and prefer road running but are looking for a machine so you can run indoors occasionally. If so, does it make sense to buy a top rated treadmill with all the bells and whistles? A mid-range machine might be better, even a low-end model can be the best option. It's cheaper too.

If you only intend to use it only sometimes, you may want to stow it away. If so, you should buy a machine that can be folded and put away. Some fold-away treadmills can still be quite heavy at over 300 lbs, which still makes them problematic for stowing away. The Trimline t345 folding treadmill is top rated but it does weigh a whopping 365 lbs. Be sure to know how much one, any type of machine, weighs before you buy it. Lighter machines can be more unsteady, especially when running at speed. Heavy models are generally steadier but they are harder to move about the home.

What kind of features do you require? Do you want one with a feature-rich control panel; one that gives you loads of feed back about heart rate, calorie count etc. Are you just starting out on an exercise program and need some motivation? Some, like the HealthRider come with a feature-rich control panel - it also comes with iFIT, which offers the runner a whole suite of motivational workouts from a virtual trainer and it gives you feedback to help you achieve to goals. Take more info best treadmill under 1000 

If you're a serious athlete having a machine with a 'pretty', control panel isn't what you want. You don't need the motivational LCD screen complete with music. What you'll want is basic but important readings on heartbeat and speed etc. A serious runner will care more about the build quality, especially when it comes to motor, belt and rollers. Some of the best treadmills, like the Landice Treadmill, come with very little on the control panel. But what you do get is a superbly built piece of equipment. Most mid-range treadbelts are two-ply, the treadbelt on the Landice machine is 4 ply, which means the belt can take heavy punishment and still last for years.

The motor is important. On the best rated treadmills you get a 3 hp continuous duty drive motor. If you're going to be using your treadmill a lot, you'll want one with a 3 hp motor.

Finally, no matter what sort of runner or walker you are read as many treadmill reviews as you can. The more treadmill ratings you read the more confident you'll feel about buying a new machine. Do you go to the gym? If so, try out the machines there. These will be commercial models, but each will also be available in cheaper, home models. Ask the gym's fitness instructors about the machine and what they think about them.

There's no doubting the fitness benefits of using a home treadmill. But make sure you buy the best model for you. Ask yourself the right questions, read as many treadmill reviews as you can and talk to professionals in the fitness industry; they're usually a pretty helpful bunch who'll gladly offer their personal opinions.